Community News

Osprey RSL Day Club

Yay…we had a full house again on Friday and even had to squeeze an extra chair in here and there. I love it when the room is packed to the rafters and I can’t hear myself think for the happy chatter. And nothing pleased me more than to welcome Mary back after her surgery, and to see the joy on Pete’s face when she spotted Mary approaching her table. It was lovely; and yes we did get it on camera. As usual Pete and Mary excelled at the quiz… business as usual there. We will make it harder next week and really challenge you both.

We also welcomed two new visitors this week. Brenda came along with Chris who is one of our volunteers, and by all accounts she enjoyed her time with us. Our other visitor was Peggy who would like to be a volunteer and is searching for something which gives her the flexibility to be able to attend when possible, but still be able to visit her grandchildren in Queensland as required. Peggy really enjoyed the day and told me that she had no idea that a wonderful club such as ours existed, and thought our format was fabulous. We enjoyed your company Peggy and hope that you will decide to spend more time with us.

The jokes that Judy and Bev delivered were well received. So if anyone wants to share a good joke bring it in next week and we will hand you the microphone. Laughter is the best medicine. I also know that some of you write beautiful poetry and I encourage you to share it with us.

Thanks Col for the last of the hibiscus flowers. I do believe I have successfully struck three of your beautiful plants. Fingers crossed. Silly me forgot to label them, so it will be a surprise wont it?

Pat won the lucky door prize and chose the chocolates and Isabel and Pete won a $20 Coles shopping voucher each.

Joe, who has been overseas for weeks (AWOL in fact), has returned home refreshed, and ably called the Bingo after lunch; dispersed with several jokes!

Please don’t think that because we have a full house we can’t fit you in. We can; and we will if you wish to join our group. All it takes is one quick phone call to Leanne on 0413 101 518 and she will organise the bus to pick you up and drop you home if required; simple.

Sue Gunning