Operational or Policy?

Ed, I was disappointed to read the Independent had lost the CVC’s “block” advertising service as a result of Councils cost cutting exercise to comply with IPARTs “Fit For The Future”. But I became concerned that Councils decision seems to have been made by senior Council administration rather than our elected Cllrs. Alarm bells rang when the GM was allegedly reported to have said “in order to ensure we (CVC) are providing services to our rate payers that meet their needs in an efficient manner”. Pursuant to Sect 335 Local Government Act the GM is responsible for the efficient and effective operations of the Council organisation, ie., the day to day functions that keep the office running. But it is the role of our elected Cllrs to direct and control the affairs of the Council, playing a key role in the creation and review of Councils POLICIES and the review of its SERVICES and revenue POLICIES. (Sect232) Sect 232(2) specifically provides Cllrs with the role of communications between the community and Council. I respectfully suggest that if your report is correct, our elected representative Cllrs owe the community an explanation. There are fairer and cheaper ways to distribute Councils “block” advertising rather than favouring one publication over the other. Eg., reduce the advertising to half page by each publication, or rotate the advertising alternatively between each publication etc. Ray Hunt, Yamba