In support of the Independent

Ed, FYI a letter I sent to the Crikey media reporter. (This following Crikey’s coverage of the withdrawal of CVC advertising with the CV Independent). Dear Ms Robin I have followed the Independent (formerly Review) since it was established. I have had a lifelong interest in the newspapers in general and can vouch for the quality of the Independent as a fine local paper. The actions of the CVC in withdrawing their advertising is an act of unmitigated, selective parsimony which simply gives further cause for dismay to those who opposed Council amalgamations in the past. The Independent is comprehensive and responsible in its coverage, has quality journalistic and photographic staff and encourages debate in its letters and opinion section. This, I am sorry to say, is in sad contrast with the Daily Examiner which has morphed into just another APN provincial daily with all that that implies. Thank you for your coverage of this important local issue. Gus Plater, Saratoga (I am something of a Clarence ‘ex-pat’ who returns regularly for extended periods)