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NSW Local Council elections elector information campaign begins

The elector information campaign begins this week to support the NSW Local Government (Council) Elections to be held Saturday, 10 September 2016, when 81 of the 152 local councils in NSW are holding elections. Elections for the remaining councils will be held in 2017. Messages will appear in press, radio and digital across NSW and will run until election day, Saturday, 10 September. “The first phase of the campaign urges voters to check and update their enrolment details, or enrol for the first time,” said Acting NSW Electoral Commissioner, Linda Franklin. “The second phase will carry important information about pre-polling and postal voting arrangements. The third phase will provide information about where and how to vote on election day. “We are also running a series of messages targeting areas that are not having elections to let people know they should check to see if they need to vote. This will seek to reduce elector confusion caused by the partial elections. “In addition, a series of statutory advertisements will be placed at a council level in newspapers across the state. The first message, calling for nominations, will begin appearing this week”. Nominations for councillor and mayor open Monday, 1 August. Candidates will then have until noon on Wednesday, 10 August to nominate. To see if you need to vote and to check or update your enrolment details visit: or call 1300 135 736.