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NSW Government is providing financial support to ease the pressures on small business

Good Morning Everyone , Here is the link that you will need to apply for the $10,000 grant from the NSW Government.  Please take the time to read the information on the Service NSW Website.

The NSW Government is providing financial support to ease the pressures on small business as a result of COVID-19.

If your small business or non-profit organisation has experienced a significant decline in revenue as a result of COVID-19, you may be eligible for the small business support grant of up to $10,000.

This grant supports the ongoing operations of small businesses highly impacted from the COVID-19 pandemic following the NSW Public Health Order of 31 March 2020. Funds may only be used for unavoidable business expenses that are not supported by other government funding.

These expenses include, but are not limited to:
⦁ utilities  
⦁ council rates 
⦁ telecommunication charges 
⦁ insurance payments 
⦁ professional advice 
⦁ wages for an employee not eligible for JobKeeper payments 
⦁ franchise fees 
⦁ paying creditors, if your business is closing.
To be eligible for this grant, you must:  
⦁ be based in NSW 
⦁ be a small business (see ⦁ guidelines) 
⦁ be registered with an ABN as at 1 March 2020 
⦁ have an annual turnover of more than $75,000 (a Business Activity Statement must be provided as evidence) 

Where a small business does not submit a BAS to the Australian Tax Office, and meets all other criteria, the small business should contact Service NSW to discuss further. In these cases, an income tax declaration may be accepted as evidence of an annual turnover of $75,000. 

⦁ employ 1-19 full-time workers as at 1 March 2020  

⦁ If your business is not in one of the highly impacted industries (as listed in the 

⦁ guidelines) but you can demonstrate a significant disruption to your business resulting in a 75% reduction in turnover as a result of the Public Health Order 2020, you may be eligible for this grant. You will require a letter from your accountant confirming you meet a number of criteria (refer to the ⦁ guidelines).

If you are a sole trader and you do not employ staff, you are not eligible for this assistance. Please visit our information on JobSeeker payments.  

If you are unsure if you meet these criteria, we encourage you to speak with a Business Concierge or seek financial advice to understand what assistance you may be able to access. 

⦁ be able to report a payroll below the NSW 2019-2020 payroll tax threshold of $900,000 

⦁ have been highly impacted by 

⦁ Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020 effective on 31 March 2020 

⦁ have experienced at least 75% decline in turnover compared to the same two-week period in 2019, as a result of COVID-19 (for businesses that have been in operation for less than 12 months, refer to the ⦁ guidelines) 

⦁ have unavoidable business costs not otherwise the subject of other NSW and Commonwealth Government financial assistance measures.
There is much more information on their website – as well as access to professional help if you need it …….

We urge everyone to apply for this where they can …..

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