No industry guidance or opinion

Editor’s note: The following letter from Cr. Andrew Baker is published in response to the letter from former Cr. Bill Day (which was also sent by Mr Day to Mr Baker.) Ed, I continue to be disappointed by the deafening silence of the tourism industry as a group, all the business chambers and the individual tourism and general business people of the Clarence Valley when they’ve been invited to contribute by way of a proposed Council Tourism Committee. I do recall those good old days where the CRTA was a dynamic group representing dynamic tourist businesses and driving toward a buoyant tourism industry. Indeed the CRTA was a great example of the GOYA principle in practice. Now we have a tourism industry and its individual business people willing to leave all those Council tourism decisions in the hands of the elected Council. No industry guidance or opinion is on offer to Council. No benefit of the wealth of experience is to be shared with Council. That necessarily results in the elected Council taking a decision with the information that is available at the time. The message so far is that the tourist businesses are not unhappy with the decisions of the elected Council. I know that because they’ve not said they’re unhappy. Andrew Baker, Maclean