No doctor?

Ed, I refer to the dictatorial tirade (CVI of 28/10/15) submitted to your office by Jim Agnew attacking our local medical officers, female and male, who according to the veiled insinuation, they are non altruistic (he means don’t come when called), when their collective work load prevents them from attending at home calls. The very competent doctors at which it is directed are from Yamba and for personal reasons elect to operate from Maclean and have a large following of Yamba patients filling our Maclean surgeries. I believe this is their personal decision and Mr Agnew must understand that when the whim arises, Yamba cannot rub the genie’s bottle and get what they want. It is well accepted by those old hands who remember that the fishing hamlet of Yamba, a quiet family orientated resort some 3 decades past was “invaded” by promoters of land sales who very soon priced land and housing out of the reach of many of its residence, causing a vast exodus of disadvantaged persons due to the financial invasion from the south. This in turn brought with it a calamitous outcry for missing facilities now expected for maintaining their usual lifestyle with all facilities, including doctors on tap 24/7. I have also noted efforts to purloin from Maclean such facilities as Centrelink in a quiet sinister political move and calls to run down others to boost numbers in Yamba which makes me wonder if this tirade is a precursor for the usual pre-election growls from the area in question. Neal Morris JP, Gulmarrad