Photo Greg Brown in action…spectators are invited along to the next round on August 18. Image: Contributed

New surface but not record breaking

Sunday July 19 was a perfect winter’s day for the Round 3 of the Grafton Sporting Car Club Hillclimb series.

The stage looked set for a record breaking day, but the reality was somewhat different. Many drivers set their personal best times; many other drivers were left scratching their heads as to why they were not setting the times they thought they should. None of this confusion was evident from the spectator area, as the many spectators on the day witnessed an exhibition skilled car control. This was sometimes interspersed with some very inventive lines and occasionally over exuberant driving which included surfaces other than the newly laid bitumen, as well as changing the location of a number of witch’s hats.

Some drivers struggled to find the different levels of adhesion on offer with at least one ending up facing south across the finish line. This is not ideal, as the track finishes north ……but it looked impressive.

Regardless of times and placing everyone had a great day and the drivers would all agree the new surface is as smooth as the south side of a north facing baby.

Outright 1st place went to Stan Pobjoy in his 1978 VW Special (so special it looks like, and is an open wheel race car, but does have what used to be a VW engine that now breathes fire and excessive horsepower). His time was a very quick 48.13. Second went to Raymond ‘Todd’ Wedd in his not so quiet WRX Subaru. Just behind the open wheeler time of Stan’s with a 48.20. Amazing for a 4 door sedan, but disappointed it wasn’t in the promised Mitsubishi Lancer: Bits are missing. Third was James Short in the Jayton Mark 2 with an impressive 49.07.

Kylie Wedd was fastest of the fairer in the Blue ‘not a Mitsubishi Lancer’ Subaru with a quick 56.44

William Contojohn was fastest of the three juniors (under 18’s) with a very respectable 58.49 and his brother Max not all that far behind. Good to see these juniors learning skills that will serve them well their whole life.

The next round is coming up soon on August 18, so come and find out what all the fuss is about.

Bruce Paul