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New Lawrence Landcare group ready to regenerate

Members of the newly formed Lawrence Community Landcare group learned the finer points of weed control at a field day held at the Lawrence cricket grounds last Thursday June 29. “We are currently a small dedicated group that aims to return some of our local native vegetation to the area to increase biodiversity, wildlife corridors and habitat for our native fauna,” group member Jasmine Oakes said. Ms Oakes said the group is also focusing its efforts on protecting and preserving listed threatened species “like the koala, which is known to habitate the Lawrence area”. At the cricket ground, Clarence Valley Council’s bush regeneration team demonstrated best practice management for woody and vine weeds occurring on the reserve. “We’re now eager to use these new skills to eradicate these weeds so we are ready for a planting day later in the year,” Ms Oakes said. “This is one of a number of possible Landcare sites in Lawrence, which we will be assessing over the coming months.” But first the group will assist Lawrence Public School on National Tree Day, July 28, at the Lawrence Golf Club. “This planting will increase local native tree numbers by 200 and create wildlife corridors and habitat,” Ms Oakes said. She said that Lawrence Community Landcare welcomed new members: “People who share similar interests in bush regeneration and restoration activities, to preserve and enhance our local environment, can contact us on 6643 5009 or email for further information.”