Never seen such crap

Ed, Can someone tell me what these experts are on? I have fished the Clarence and other areas for 60 years as a full-time licensed fisherman and have never seen such crap that is being put up by the Government about fish management. Some bright spark from Sydney has said there are 1,110 fishermen in NSW and we only need 600. Why? This half-witted crap of share fisheries as a way of managing fish was first proposed in the eighties. It was crap then and is crap now. I started working with my uncle and father then in a crew of eight fisherman, mulletting beakies (garfish), hauling, trawling and then got my own big trawler (19’ 16”long) and went on my own working outside trawling, lobster, traps, crabbing, handling and anyway you could make a quid. My whole life has been spent fishing and now some bright spark is going to take it all away with the stroke of a pen. All that we have heard is that it all will be okay – no detail about how or what is going to happen. It will be okay we will tell you later (bull…). I don’t know who came up with the idea less fishermen will catch more product. Its physically impossible. Not that those sitting on kybers would have a clue. It will most likely be Co-ops, businesses in Maclean, Yamba, Iluka that will suffer. What is this country coming to when working farmers are treated like second-class people? When I started fishing I thought when I want to retire I would sell my business and have money to spend. But the way it’s going we will get the bum’s rush and have nothing to show for it. Politicians spend thousands on luxuries. I’ll probably be told tough luck Fatty, you’re out of business unless you want to buy back in. The only bastards to benefit are those that were in the know that brought fishing businesses for a song selling bits of paper, not real fisherman. How about real fishermen having a real go? Alan Ford, Maclean