Callous driver

Ed, Who is the callous person who has hit a large kangaroo on Angourie Rd on Tuesday September 1? This Kangaroo’s fate was left to other homeward bound drivers. This kangaroo could quite possibly have been hit again by an unsuspecting driver not realizing that an injured big kangaroo lay with blood pouring from its mouth on the south bound lane. Fortunately when I put my hazard lights on the vehicle coming up behind, recognised that there was a problem and slowed down and stopped. The kangaroo when approached somehow managed to get to its feet and stagger into the bush. We could not see him or her, my only hope is that if the injuries were bad, that this animal will die quickly and in not too much pain. Do we need to remind ourselves that we are in a native animal territory, native animals are not in our territory. We should remain mindful when driving that any animal may be crossing the road, so SLOW DOWN. There is no need to travel at a 100ks an hour especially in poor light, just to save a couple of minutes. Look at the consequences of haste and in this case the pain and injury that this callous driver has brought to this unsuspecting creature. I hope the person responsible for injuring this kangaroo will consider the mayhem that they left behind for someone else to sort out. My message to the person responsible for this act of cruelty is please be responsible for your actions and have respect for all forms of life. Ilma Hynson, Wooloweyah