National Volunteer Week

Ed, Volunteers make Australia a better and more caring place to live. This week is National Volunteer Week (9-15 May) and we want to thank all volunteers for everything they do. Each year across Australia more than 6 million volunteers not only bring happiness to the people and communities they help, but they get to also experience the joy of helping others. And the benefits of volunteering go much further than that. Volunteers add value to our communities by building trust, relationships and connections between people. Plus they boost social engagement and help communities to share skills and resources. Simply put, volunteers make our communities stronger and more resilient. There are more than 20,000 Red Cross volunteers in Australia. They support local communities, they help the children of refugees with their homework, they are there in times of disaster both in Australia and overseas, they take the time to talk to those who are lonely every day, and many other activities. It is all about people helping people in very practical ways. Thank you to all volunteers – wherever you are and no matter who you volunteer for – your generosity creates a more supportive, connected, inclusive and happier Australia. Judy Slatyer Australian Red Cross CEO