My anger turns to tears


I was returning home from my daily morning walk when I spotted a Coles plastic “better” bag on the nature reserve opposite our house. I had already picked up a beer bottle and several other pieces of plastic and MacDonald’s drink container and straw, so the bag was just something else to add to the collection.

As I stooped down to pick it up I knew immediately that something was not right. Gingerly, I picked up a stick to open the bag and was shocked to find that it contained a goanna. It crossed my mind that the goanna may have been foraging and got stuck. I am not sure whom the bag was “better” for but certainly not for this fellow. However upon shaking the bag the metre and a half curled up goanna was easily released. It was dead, bludgeoned to death by a good solid blow to the head. I was incensed! What miserable bastard could do this to one of our beautiful native animals? Then to have the mind to put it in a plastic bag and discard it like a piece of rubbish.

I’m so angry to think that someone in our community could be so cruel and so horrible. I’m angry also with those morons who litter our streets with rubbish. I fail to understand what the obsession is that people have to walk around with drink and food in their hands knowing that garbage bins are not available along our residential streets?  It’s not rocket science people, eat and drink at home or at one of our many great cafes and enjoy your walk with free hands.

I’m more than angry with the gutless government who don’t legislate against big businesses like Coles and MacDonalds. They come into our communities to make mega bucks and take no responsibility for providing plastic bags and containers for idiot tossers who buy their products.

Then my anger turns to sadness and to tears for our wildlife that asks so little of us humans and yet we so thoughtlessly toss our rubbish and take their innocent lives. Marea Buist, Yamba