Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Day for Grafton lady golfers

Sunday’s 4BBB Medley event no doubt showed what a great hit weekend medley golf could be in Grafton. With a field of 68 starters, many faces that usually do not participate in Sunday mixed golf were spotted amongst the crowd. The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation was the winner on the day, especially following the fun auction at the end of the day of the generously donated goods by the various Grafton business houses and individuals. Our ladies’ treasurer, Marilyn Powell, teamed with her husband with a fabulous 47 points to win. Last Saturday a small field of 8 starters competed in the Stableford competition. The only incident to report from the morning, was Chrissy’s little fishing expedition on the 4th where she landed a small sardine. Courtney Fuller came in as the winner with 34pts. Peg James was the ball winner with 33pts on a c/b. Peg also received the last ladies NTP on the old 10th hole, prior to its transference on Sunday. Friday’s Stableford event incorporated Round 1 of the Stephen Donnelly Financial Services Aggregate. Numbers on a Friday remain very good with last week’s field accommodating 39 players, which resulted in three divisions. Jen Townsend came in as the winner of Div 1 with 37pts followed by Heather Purtill on 34 and Mary Atkins placed 3rd on 33. Julie Bennett was the winner of Div 2 on 32 with Marg Manahan taking 2nd place from Sonya Baker on 30pts on a c/b. Sue Byrnes was the Div 3 winner on 35pts from Royer Smith in 2nd place with 34 on a c/b from Lyn Hatton. A sea of the colour red could be seen across our fairways last Wednesday when most of the 62 ladies chose to dress in these tones in support of the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Day, which was generously sponsored by Kay and Reg McLennan. Renae Amos was the day’s overall winner of the Stableford event with a great score of 3pts on a c/b and she received the lovely trophy donated by Kay and Reg. Div 1 winner was Heather Robinson on 36, from Heather Purtill on a c/b from Jen Townsend on 35pts. Div 2 saw Shirley Avery take the foot off the brake to come in as the winner on 37 from Sonya Baker on 35 and Eve Macpherson placed 3rd on 34. Div 3 winner was Liz Smith on 39 from Mary Katte on 36 and Julie Bennett on 35pts on a c/b. Balls were awarded to 31pts c/b. Winners of the NTPs were Jen Townsend (1st), Sue Petty (6th), Shirley Avery (10th) and Eve Macpherson by a bee’s whisker on the 17th. Elaine Shand, as the Women’s Golf Northern Rivers District representative, travelled to Sydney to compete today (Wednesday), in the rescheduled State final of the Women’s Golf New South Wales Gold Medal Play Off. This event, held at Stonecutters Ridge Course, was originally washed out following violent storms and a mini tornado whilst the players were mid-way through the event on December 16. Our players representing Grafton this year at the Casino 5-Player Team event on Friday of this week are Narelle Butcher, Heather Purtill, Mary Atkins, Sonya Baker and Helen Packwood. We wish these ladies safe travel and good golfing. Julie White