Croquet at Coutts Crossing

Continuing our daily activities during Seniors’ Week, there was an enthusiastic group on Thursday, despite the awful heat. Genie Drummond and Viv Burton drove up from Yamba to play. Sheila Foley, originally a Pom from Southampton, arrived chauffeur driven in a Rolls Royce. Within an hour she had decided this was the club for her, and joined. Poms are welcome, especially Hampshire Poms. All our visitors ran some good hoops, especially our Sheila. Grateful thanks to all the members who worked so hard to make Seniors’ Week a success for our club. Saturday was a disaster. Rain forced the postponement of the Red Hat Ladies visit to Coutts Crossing, and at the Market Square Seniors’ Fun day, where we were exhibiting, not a single senior turned up. There was some activity. Jim Algie and Peter Martin had their faces painted, Peter was almost invited to a wedding, Ken Davison demonstrated that he plays the bagpipes better than he plays croquet, and our huge prize went unawarded. Sunday the stars of the video faded once the camera stopped rolling. Peter and Sue Deeth cruised home over Graham Wilson and Jim Algie by 16-11 and Rod Munro beat wife Kay by 16-9. Monday’s Golf Croquet players had fun all morning. Bill Gauci set the tone with a 25 metre hoop to win the game 7-6. He partnered Phyl Harrison against Gillian Martin and Frank Mack. Pam Gauci also has a 25 metre hoop in a 7-6 win over Joy Campbell. The Buckleys, Nea and John, edged in 7-6 over Pat MacLennan and Ken Davison. The only undefeated player on the day was Nea Buckley and the only loser of all his games was a well known retired teacher. Midweek Association brought out 3 singles. Graham Wilson came from behind to beat Jim Algie 20-13, Rod Munro beat Peter Deeth 12-8 and Kay Munro overcame Sue Deeth 12-8. Croquet now starts at 9am every day. For Association you must sign in by 8:50. Association is played Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings, Golf on Monday, Thursday mornings and Saturday afternoon from 1:30. Practice is Monday and Wednesday afternoon, both codes. Call 6649 5109 for details and directions.