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Monster Garage Sale now on April 8

The Lawrence Museum annual Garage Sale has been rescheduled to this coming Saturday, April 8. The weather conditions prevented the sale taking place last Saturday, April 1. Vice president, Roz Jones said she hoped for good support. “We have an amazing array of good quality goods, including some brand new items, such as a new unused gas BBQ and small appliances. This year we have a ‘collectors corner’ too, with some interesting items for the discerning buyer.” “The Garage Sale is a major fundraiser for the museum, to help with maintenance of the museum and building the new shed.” Roz added. Bargain hunters won’t be disappointed. There will be furniture, household goods, crockery, glass ware, kitchen appliances, heating & cooling appliances, garden tools, outdoor furniture, including a mulcher, sports & gym equipment, several bikes, skate boards, surf board, electric quad bike, a canoe, strollers, toys, musical equipment, books of all descriptions, DVD’s, LP’s, ladies, men’s and children’s clothes, linen, furnishings, décor items as well as bargain boxes to hunt through. If you’re missing breakfast to make an early start, there will be a BBQ food available, tea & coffee and cold drinks too. Gates open at 7.30am. For more information please contact Roz Jones 0429 477 102.