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McLachlan Park update

Work has commenced on new toilets at McLachlan Park, Maclean, following the council’s decision to oversee the project itself and to construct it in stages, after it was found that upgrading the entire park would cost significantly more than the available budget. In March 2015, councillors awarded Vee Design a contract for the “Detailed Design and Construction Management for the Redevelopment of McLachlan Park, Maclean at a cost of $177,870”. When asked (via email) what this contract now entailed, following the council’s decision to manage the project, works and civil director Troy Anderson said: “The consultancy agreement included detailed design and construction management. “The detailed design is complete and the associated fees paid. “The construction management pertains to the delivery of construction drawings, answering of requests for information (RFI), inspections of engineering works, et al. This work is required. “Associated fees will be paid on task completion and approval of payment claims.” He said that any decision regarding whether or not Vee Design would be paid all of the $177,870 contract was “commercial in confidence”. Commenting on “what Vee Design has contributed towards the project” overall, Mr Anderson said: “Vee Design provided responsive and professional detailed design in accordance with its contractual obligations. “This design work will provide good outcomes for McLachlan Park, Maclean, the community and visitors.” When asked why work has started on the toilet block before the development application (DA) – “DA2015/0691, lodged 16/11/15, for the demolition of the toilet block, construction of timber decks and the removal of eight adult and 30 juvenile Casuarina trees” – has been approved, Mr Anderson said: “Council expects the DA to be approved soon and well before the proposed works start. “The construction of the toilet block and many other elements of the proposed work can be undertaken ‘without consent’ when carried out by or on behalf of a public authority in accordance with the State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 (ISEPP), under cl.65(3).”