Major/Minor Consistency at Yamba

Capture   Consistency Singles got underway at Yamba Women’s bowls last week. The match of the day was in the Major Division, between last year’s Minor Consistency winner Helen Atkinson and Joan Scadden. In Consistency Singles scores were virtually even through the first eight ends, and then Helen established a slight lead, 48-42. In a game of continuously tight heads, scores were rarely more than 2 the difference, and indeed sat at 100-all. Then Helen took 3 ends of 8, 6 and 6 to take the advantage. Joan hung in to get it back to 125-all. Then, on the 30th end, Joan held the ascendency on 146-143. Staying cool, she landed her first bowl close to the jack for the 4 she needed. Helen could not find the 7 she needed to force another end, and Joan came out on top in a marvellous, high grade contest. In the Minor Division, the stand out game was between new talent, Maria Sakac and current Minor Singles Champ, Ros Dickson. This was another exceedingly close game all the way, with scores 55-all on 11 ends. Then there were just a few shots in it through the next 10 ends when Maria led 107-103 on 21. She then controlled the game briefly to lead 131 to 119 on 25. Drawing on her experience and fine skills, Ros hit back with a 7 and a 10 to be 2 in front 136-134 on 27. Maria composed herself and showed real class to strike back, and finished off the game in style with a 9, 5 and 9 to chalk up her first big solo win (150 – 143). Other results in the Major Division included another close game between Marjorie Thompson (150) and Kaye Mason (142). Again in this game, the scores were 100-all, then 117-113 till Marj skipped away with it. Also, Judy Button (150) d Gwen Hoskin (135); Wendy Ballantyne d Judy Abbott (104); Lyn Olsson d Denise Burey (125) and Cathryn Aitchison d Val Terry (123). In the Minor Division, Kerry Pedder d Marg Wall (115); Judy Sinclair d Bev Shatte (103); Glynis Hall d Jill Miller (124); Jan Funnell d Ruthie Fletcher (129); Sandy Owen d Raels McKibbin (108) and Colleen Beard d Cheryl Deveny (115). A huge thank you must go to the six members of Yamba Men’s Club who so ably marked some of the games in the first round of this competition. They are: Dave Atkinson; Bob Ballantyne; John Luchetti; Bob McKibbin; Maz Mazoudier; and Tom Morrow. When so many capable markers are needed, it is gratifying that such co-operation exists between the men’s and women’s clubs at Yamba Bowling Club. The quarter finals on Tuesday 13th will be as follows: Major – J Button v J Scadden; L Olsson v W Ballantyne; C Aitchison v M Thompson and M Conlan v C Cole. Minor – C Beard v J Funnell; J Sinclair v S Owen; M Sakac v G Hall and K Pedder v P Conley. Social bowls on Thursday 1st October saw Beryl Mills/ Beryl Nielsen/ Joan Scadden d Beryl Mills/ Jenny Ridgway/ Judy Pryor. In other games, Ros Moore/Denise Burey won over Flo Stephens/ Jane Pearson and Bev Shatte/ Judy Button got up against Jenny Scobie/Marie Stone. The same day around 30 of our members travelled to the CRDWBA Gala Day at Iluka. The final of the Major-Minor Pairs is scheduled for Thursday 8th October between Gabby Freeman/Sonia Graham and Kerry Pedder/ Cathryn Aitchison. Wendy Ballantyne