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Major restoration work starts on McFarlane Bridge at Maclean

Major strengthening work on McFarlane Bridge at Maclean was due to commence last Monday 27 July. A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said the work aims to ensure the bridge, which was built in 1906, would continue to serve communities including Maclean, Woodford Island and Lawrence well into the future. “McFarlane Bridge has significant heritage value as it is one of only three metal bascule type bridges across the state,” the spokesperson said. “Essential maintenance is required to ensure the bridge remains a safe crossing for motorists using Lawrence Road as an alternative route for the Pacific Highway. “The timber approaches were strengthened during work completed in 2013 and from Monday 27 July work will be carried out on the piers, metal tower and the lift span. “Pier strengthening will be carried out from August to October, followed by the restoration of the tower until January. The lift span will then be strengthened with work to be completed in May next year. “The tower will be removed and restored off site to allow for reduced traffic impact to the community. “Worksite establishment will be carried out this month with major work to start in August. “Road users are reminded there will be temporary bridge closures during work. “Electronic message signs will be put in place either side of McFarlane Bridge, on the approaches to Lawrence Bluff Point ferry crossing and at Brushgrove to alert motorists of the bridge closures and delays of up to 15 minutes.” Community members can register for SMS alerts about the work by either calling 02 6640 1300 or emailing