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Maclean’s newest estate is revealed

cvi   The face of real estate in Maclean has changed with the pre-launch of the huge master plan housing development Pipers Glen Estate, last week. Sydney based Smith Group Pty Ltd has been retained as the development manager of the Pipers Glen Estate, which is situated on Hogues Lane, Maclean. Smith Group director, developer Frank Hupp attended Tuesday’s pre-launch, which was held in the River Rooms of the Maclean Services Club. Mr Hupp was excited about the project and said that the non-repetitive designed housing folio (on display at the pre-launch) had an appealing streetscape. “There are 18 different homes within the folio, which are DA approved,” said Mr Hupp. “Mondo architects (based in Brisbane, QLD) have designed a large range of homes for the estate, with a number of colour schemes available (to choose from). “I’d like to see local builders get the work,” he said. According to Mr Hupp, owners have their choice of builder or they can choose to owner-build their homes. They also have the flexibility to make changes – which would have to be re-submitted to council. Several builders were amongst those who attended the showcase. Maclean builder Andrew Tom said that the master planned estate was exciting. “They (the houses) are a good design and the concept is good,” he said. Professionals, the Clarence Coast Real Estate in Maclean are the exclusive agents for the housing estate and Principal Judithann Forrester said that there are 117 lots up for sale. “There will be eight stages for this development and stage one will begin construction in late January with the building of roadways and services” said Ms Forrester. “Hogues Lane, stage one – consists of 21 single lots and two duplex lots. “The whole site is master planned and we have development consent from council for each home specifically designed for each lot.” Ms Forrester said that the level access to sporting fields, shops and river, along with a nice breeze, was a plus for the estate. “With plans in place for the upcoming supermarket and the number of workers coming into the area, Maclean is going to change,” she said. There will be an agent on site at the Pipers Glen Estate on January 1-2 and January 9-10 for the public to drop by and have a look. Pipers Glen Estate is also running a competition with people asked to choose their favourite house design for a chance to win an Ipad. The winner will be announced at the beginning of February. For more information: or