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Maclean Sport Centre

Squash – Match of the week last week, was between Michael Davidson & Adrian Sonter, a marathon five set match going right down to the final point. Adrian had two match points at one stage, Michael came back to win the match 15-14, although they were even on points (61-61); Jim Croft & Anna Snape also had a great match. Going game for game, and point for point it could of gone either way, but it was Jim coming away with the win 17-14; Lauren Illig def Brendan Watkins 15-11; Kane Hancock def Rob Hodgson 15-11. Both Lauren & Kane came back from two sets to nil down. Futsal Juniors – Next week will be the last week of junior futsal, before the school holidays. If there are any juniors wanting a game, come along on Wednesday afternoon, starts at 3.45pm. Cost only $3. Seniors – Last week was the completion in both the Tuesday & Wednesday night futsal competition. Results: B.E.A.Rs & Coops had a 5-5 draw; The Vipers & Jungle Juice had a 7-7 draw; Wildcats def The Lego’s 4-3; S.T.E.V.Es def Pirates 8-3; P/V + 1 def Ibra-Kadabra 13-5; Scoures def Goal Diggers 15-8. Tuesday night, final pointscore: Wildcats 31, Coops 31, S.T.E.V.Es 28, Pirates 22, B.E.A.Rs 17 & The Lego’s 15. Wednesday night final pointscore: Jungle Juice 32, Scoursers 30, P/V + 1 24, The Vipers 20, Ibra-Kadabra 20 & Goal Diggers 18. Netball – No netball last Thursday night, due to school presentation night. We will be playing the semi finals tomorrow night. Final pointscore: M.A.S 17, Fired Up 17, The Maybes 16, Bottoms Up 15, The Lego’s 14, Nutella Spread 12, Who Cares 10 & Janes 9. This week will be the semi-finals in both Tuesday and Wednesday night Futsal and netball competition. For further information, phone: