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Maclean Sport Centre

Maclean Sports Centre would like to welcome back all players to the Centre. Come and join in the fun and have a game of squash, cricket, basketball, volleyball, Futsal or netball. All competitions will commence back in a couple of weeks, so get your team together or just turn up and we will find a team just right for you. Squash – Last week we played a few social games of squash, it was great to see some new and old faces. There will be no squash Monday or Tuesday night, due to Australia Day. Wednesday, 27th January 5pm – Anna Snape v Jim Croft; 5.30pm – Jason Harvey v Matt Grainger, Cliff Dedrge v Ray Hoad, Roy Ellery v Brendan Watkins; 6pm – Helen Anderson v Kerry Bennet, Damien Rutkoski v Lauren Illig, Andy Potter v Chris Shannon; 6.30pm – Danny Wilson v Adrian Pryoy, Daniel Butt v Paul Smith, Toby Gray v Jim Bricknell. Futsal – We will be having games of Futsal this week. If there is anyone that would like a game, come along Wednesday night at 5.30pm. If you would like to nominate a team or play as a individual you should contact the centre. All you need is six players per team with two females players to be on the field at all times. Netball – Last week we had a social game of netball. If you would like to nominate a team, contact the Centre. Each team must have seven players and are allowed two males on your team. Referees and bibs all provided. If there is anyone wishing to have a game Thursday night, contact the centre. For further information contact 6645 5769 or 0408 852 881. Hope to see you all playing your favourite indoor sport.