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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

It was a hot day last Thursday with some long drawn out games.
Frank Mack and Joy Campbell got play under way with a 7-3 win over Yvonne Gillet and Phyl Harrison. Nola Horrocks showed that her previous day Association skills were no flash in the pan, in leading Peter Martin to a 7-6 win over Ken and Helyn Davison. Abbie Ellis and John Buckley were too good for Robyn Walters and Nea Buckley 7-4, but when they changed partners the Buckleys squeezed home 7-6 over Abbie and Robyn. After another round of matches Frank Mack emerged as the best player on the day with Abbie Ellis close behind. There were some awful attempts at jump shots, but the winner was the sun, as the mercury edged past 37 and everybody went home.
Association play on Sunday saw four hard fought singles matches. Helen Forrest played her best game ever but lost narrowly to Peter Deeth 26-18. Sue Deeth was in sparkling form early in the day, but Peter Martin came from behind to win 26-18. Wayne Gadke, claiming lack of practice, still beat Kay Munro 26-7, and Jim Algie was delighted with his win 13-11 over Rod Munro.
On Monday as the years accumulate so do his bragging rights: Ken Davison was unbeaten in four hard matches, even running a long, planned, in-off. Jane Berger, back after a long injury lay-off, and Pat MacLennan were both unbeaten in two matches. Jane ran a 20 metre hoop and pushed home shot after shot. Rusty Case was also back after too long a lay-off, but was rusty. Peter Martin, Gillian Martin and Frank Mack all began the morning well, and then faded in the heat. There was no chemistry in the pairing of Gillian and Frank who flopped to a 7-2 defeat against Phyl Harrison and Ken Davison. Meanwhile as the sun hotted up so did Yvonne Gillet, Joy Campbell, Phyl Harrison and Helyn Davison: all ending the morning strongly. We even roped in our perpetual photographer, spectator and tea maker, Barry Campbell for a couple of games; he really is quite good.
All work and no play on Tuesday as a hard working group moved the location of the hoops, brought in truck loads of earth to build up the surrounds, power washed the buildings and mowed the lawn. Now we have a licence to run croquet we must do the maintenance. Thanks to Helyn and Ken Davison, Peter Deeth, Jean and Wayne Gadke and Peter Martin for exercising muscles not used for a long time.
Benefiting from the new hoop positions Sue Deeth beat an improving Nola Horrocks 26-11. Peter Deeth and Wayne Gadke had a match of fluctuating fortunes, Peter emerging the winner 19-17. In a three player, six ball match Peter Martin was up against the Munro family, and emerged with 11 hoops to 9 each for Kay and Rod.
It may still be a little hot to start playing, but the addicts are still active. Try the sport for yourself. Call 6649 5109 or 6649 3200.
Sue Deeth