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Maclean Showground – the show must go on

Lynne Mowbray The first pictures of the damage caused at the Maclean Showground did not look good. The roof of the Jim Thompson Pavilion was torn off, another pavilion was partially blown off its footings and the roof was blown off the grandstand’s seating area and a toilet block. The fence surrounding the showground was also smashed by a tree. For Maclean Show Society president Brian Ferrie, things did not look good and this year’s Maclean Show was in doubt. After speaking with the Clarence Valley Council, Mr Ferrie said he felt a lot more optimistic. “The Jim Thompson Pavilion only seems to need re-roofing,” said Mr Ferrie. “The other Pavilion may be able to be lifted and repositioned back on its footings. “It’s looking a lot more positive than it did a few days ago and it’s possible that we may be able to go on with the show. “The council’s assessors are coming this week and we will know a lot more then. “Everything should be great and things are a lot more positive,” he said.  
Main photo: Jim Thompson pavilion, at Maclean Showground, which lost its roof in last week’s wild storm. Below: Another pavilion was partially blown off its footings. Images: Contributed.