Community News

Maclean RSL Sub Branch – being kept up to with building sale

We finally resumed our monthly meetings in August, this was our first meeting since February 2020.  

Due to not having access to our building we congregated at the Baptist church in Townsend. The President gave a presentation on the process so far in the sale of the building and the liquidation of the Services Club. Also at the meeting it was decided to start up a social committee to assist in fundraising for service and ex-service personnel and their families. The liquidators from BDO organised the auction of all the assets of the Club Ltd which took place in the first week of September and all the sold items have now been picked up so we have an empty building which we can now use. During the auction we were lucky enough to bid on and get sufficient tables, chairs, crockery and cutlery to enable us to look after ourselves once we move to a new premises. As we now have full control of the building we will now hold all monthly meetings there.   

Next meeting will be Monday September 28 at 1000, tea and coffee will be available.


Trevor Plymin OAM JP