Community News

Maclean R.S.L. Sub-Branch

The Sub-Branch held their monthly meeting on March 21 at Maclean Service Club, 30 members were in attendance, 15 apologies were accepted and 2 visitors were welcomed. President Kevin Jones chaired the meeting. A minute silent was held for a departed member. The Ode of Remembrance was recited by the President. The President call for nominations for the position for Vice President, Mr Dennis Noel nominated and was elected unopposed. A new member was welcomed to the Sub-Branch at the meeting. It was announced that on the eve of Anzac Day were will be a Remembrance Service for the fallen in the Korean conflict at the Maclean Service Club, arrangements to be announced. Veterans who require transport at the march on Anzac Day, please advise R.S.L. Sub-Branch by phone on 6645 2756, Tuesday’s and Saturday’s between 9.30am and 12noon. or email a request on or leave a written message at the Maclean Service Club. The next Maclean R.S.L. Sub–Branch meeting will be held Saturday, April 16 at 10am at the Maclean Service Club. Allen Bell