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Maclean Ladies Golf

Congratulations to the ladies 27-hole Foursomes Champions for 2015, Nancy Phillips and Pauline Ryan who were also the nett runners up. Congratulations also to the 27-hole nett winners, Kim Moore and Shirley Passlow. The 27-hole Gross runners up, Chris Forrester and Sherree Forsythe had a good day as well. The 18-hole nett winners on the day were Pat Harris and Helen McFarlane. NTPs went to Pat and Helen on the 2nd, Kim and Shirley on the 11th and Di Moore and Tina Hogg on the 26th (which was the usual 17th). Club balls went to Tina Hogg and Di Moore, Sandra Jenkins and Sue Fong Kee, Judy Parkes and Kim Wiblen and Helen Graney and Chris Powell. This event was played last Wednesday, August 26, when we welcomed back into the fold several people we have not seen for some time for one reason or another and we gave our good wishes to Kim Wiblen and Kim Moore for their travel to Sydney to take part in the Golf NSW Women’s Country Week competitions. On Monday of last week several of our ladies travelled to Coraki for their Open Day. Jill Schipp (who was runner up in Div 3 on the day) was deposed as the “Queen of Coraki” by Nancy Phillips who was the overall winner. There were some others who brought home prizes and Val George announced quite proudly that of a field of 63 she finished in 56th position. Well done Val. The Maclean Ladies Two Day Open will be played on Monday and Tuesday, September 14 and 15. Closing day is Friday of this week and we are looking forward to again catching up with all our golfing friends from near and afar. Thanks to our very generous sponsors we have some great trophies to offer on both days. Monday’s play will be a two person Ambrose and on Tuesday the event will be a single Stableford, played in Divisions. There are one or two novelty events planned as well. Today’s ladies competition game at Maclean is an 18-hole vs Par for Club trophies. It is President vs Captain day and may the best team win. Next Wednesday, September 9, Maclean ladies will play an 18-hole Stroke sponsored by Mary Moore and Pat Harris. This game is also our event for the Golf NSW Goodwill Plate. Jenny Apps