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Maclean Ladies Golf

Last Wednesday, Maclean ladies played an 18-hole Stroke event sponsored by Phyllis McMahon, Mary Wiseman and Monica Crittenden. It was a multiple event game and was dominated by Nancy Phillips who took trophies for the Medal of Medals, Iris Cameron Best Nett of the Day sponsored by Iris Cameron’s family. Division 1 winner, NTP on the 11th (sponsored by Sue and John Fong Kee) and the Best Putting. The Division 1 runner up was Helen McFarlane and Jeannie Doolan was NTP on the 17th. In Division 2, Cathie Parker was the winner from Sally Weeks and Nancy Commerford was NTP on the 2nd. The O’all NTP on the 7th (sponsored by Playmore Golf at Yamba) was won by Anne D’Arcy and Club balls were given to Kim Eckersley, Kim Moore, Cathy Ayres, Monica Crittenden, Pauline Ryan, Di Moore and Chris Powell. Today, Maclean ladies are playing one of the mostly hotly contested games of the year – the 4bbb Stableford (select partners) sponsored by Val George. Val’s delicious Christmas cakes and puddings are greatly sought after year after year after year. Next Wednesday, November 18, the event is sponsored by Liz and Dave Pearcey and is programmed as a “Draw for Partners Fun Day”, which I am sure it will be. Jenny Apps