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Maclean Hospital craft expo

Some of the entries at the Maclean Hospital staff’s craft expo which was held on Wednesday last week at the Maclean Community Health Conference Centre. Image: Lynne Mowbray.
The Maclean Hospital Staff Health and Welfare held its first craft expo on Wednesday last week in the Maclean Community Health Conference Centre. One of the members of the Health and Wellbeing committee Lyn Harris said that the event gave staff members the opportunity to share what they do in their down time, with their work colleagues. “The craft expo highlights the diverse skills and talents of our wonderful staff,” Ms Harris said. “This expo was aimed at the work-life balance, giving staff the opportunity to showcase what they do outside of work.” There were several categories which included; patchwork, photography, crafts, cooking, pickles, jams and preserves, produce, flowers and herbs, scrapbooking and recycling and up cycling. Ms Harris said that she was impressed with the success of the event. “Out of the 200 staff who work here, there were 76 entries, which is a stunning outcome,” she said.