Community News

Maclean & District Orchid Society

As also expressed in our latest bulletin, we are indeed most thankful to “The Independent,” for encouraging and unifying our Clarence region with news and information vital to our daily lives; especially at this catastrophic time of change, in many cases for the worst, temporarily we hope, and toward what is best.

Hopefully, our next meeting is on Saturday, March 19, at the Presbyterian Church Hall, Church Street, Maclean. Plants benched by 1pm for the 1.30pm start.

At our February meeting, 59 beautiful plants were benched to admire and assess. Brian Donaghy’s beauties were the winners. Both Judges Choice and Popular Vote orchid Catasetum fimbriatum, and both Judges Choice Flower and Popular Vote orange Pom-Pom Dahlia. The advice of judge Kevin Rose on fertilising was very appreciated.

As we do our best to keep safe from Covid and floods, members are hoping to prepare during April for an Autumn Show at the Bowls Club at end of that month. Keep well, restfully active, and cool. Happy growing this new year.

Penny Bird