Grafton women’s golf frustration

If you weren’t aware of the major flooding occurring in the Northern Rivers districts over the past two to three weeks, then you may have been living under a rock! 

The Clarence River continues to show the effects of its vast, destructive nature as water slowly recedes. We understand that flooding is expected as part of living around rivers, but this flood seems to have made a greater impact on far more people than before, and it is so devastating to witness.

As far as golfing is concerned the effects of flooding have been that our hilly course has been initially soaked with steady rain followed by inundation after the heavier rain. Water stayed the low-lying areas, but as we know the rain kept coming and so this water could not drain away. As I walked around the course on Sunday, I noticed that a couple of fairly decent sized Tallowood trees have decided that they can’t be bothered staying upright and have just dropped to the ground. The earth is so wet that the soil around the roots of the trees can’t support them! If the drier weather, we are experiencing right now continues our head greenkeeper John Nelson and his team of workers and volunteers will have the course in great shape in no time at all.  No pressure John!

As for me, it has meant that I get to do home maintenance. What a tedious job and a drag. However, my windows and doors being re-oiled after many years of almost complete neglect means that they now look like new. Winning!

I hope you’re all maintaining your enthusiasm for golf despite there being none. Beginner golfers this applies to you the most…. don’t give up. There will be golf again one day.

Brenda Cooper