Lightning and swimming are not compatible

Storm activity caused all thoughts of having a swim on Tuesday of last week dashed in a moment and the handful of forever hopefuls that did show up at the pool were given an early mark.

A reminder to members that the McGearey Memorial swim is being held at Lismore on March 11 and it would be great to have as many members as possible attend.

It is a night-time swim followed by a very casual barbeque and if you cannot spend the night your arrival back in Grafton should be no later than midnight.

With the summer season gradually drawing to a close, swimmers should be making the most of the remaining time left to add some precious points to their tally as Presentation Night is being held early in May.

Eight members from Grafton will be competing at the AIF Nationals at Southport on March 6 and we wish them good luck in the pool in one of the strongest competitions they are ever likely to encounter.

Toni Ensbey