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Greens are lighting up the campaign to legalise cannabis

The Greens will use balance of power in Federal Parliament for urgent cannabis law reform. 

Greens NSW Senate candidate David Shoebridge was in Nimbin on Monday calling for urgent national laws to legalise cannabis. 

The Greens will use the balance of power in the Federal Parliament to legalise, regulate and tax cannabis for adults on a national level. 

David Shoebridge said the Greens plan will ensure safer drug use for adults and remove an income source for criminals.

“Let’s take cannabis out of the hands of bikie gangs and organised crime and make it legal, properly regulated and in the process provide public revenue for critical infrastructure like public schools and hospitals.” said Mr Shoebridge.

“When the government controls the supply and quality of cannabis, it is also able to provide health support for intervention or problematic use where needed.” 

“Whether you call it marijuana or mary jane, ganja or bhang there are millions of Australians who have used cannabis in their lifetime and it’s plain wrong the law makes them criminals.”

“As Canada, the US and Europe move towards sensible policy on drugs including legalising cannabis, it is high time Australia joined them.  

“Public support for legalising cannabis remains strong despite a hostile media and hyperbolic politicians. This figure is only going to grow and it’s time for evidence based policy on drugs. 

Greens candidate for Page Kashmir Miller said the Greens health-based approach will deal with the reality that many people in her community use cannabis.

“By legalising cannabis, we can establish a regulated industry which will raise $4.4 billion in revenue and that positive revenue allows us to help with the recovery of the climate catastrophe facing the Page community,” Kashmir said.

Long time Nimbin local Neil Pike has used cannabis for recreation, but now needs it to help with the pain of his cancer. 

“Cannabis is a lot more useful than panadol in relieving the aches and pains, but if I need to drive into town that means I’d have to abstain for days to ensure the police couldn’t charge with a positive roadside test. It makes things really difficult,” Mr Pike said.

The Greens plan to legalise cannabis will: 

  • Allow growth of up to six plants at home for personal use for people aged over 18. 
  • Establish an Australian Cannabis Agency to issue licenses for production and sale, and to act as the single wholesaler. 
  • Establish cannabis retail shops where products of known quality will be sold in plain packaging to people over the age of 18. 
  • Ban advertising of cannabis products. 
  • Impose penalties for the unlicensed sale of cannabis.