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Flooded farmers urged to have their say

The state’s peak agricultural body is asking farmers and rural landholders to make a submission to the NSW Government’s Independent Flood Inquiry.

From late last year torrential rains inundated huge areas of the state on an unprecedented scale, causing massive destruction to farms, businesses and towns and disrupting infrastructure for many weeks.

NSW Farmers Rural Affairs Committee Chair Garry Grant said it was a stark reminder of nature at its most challenging, and encouraged primary producers and rural landholders to make sure their voices were heard.

“It’s heartbreaking to see the devastation people in towns are dealing with, but the dramatic impact on primary producers is often less visible,” Mr Grant said.

“Farmers have been equally impacted by these floods – roads washed away, fences destroyed, livestock lost, and essential business infrastructure significantly damaged.

“Every time a natural disaster hits primary producers our food production is affected – putting a strain on both the producer and the consumer – and we need to make sure any response or reform acknowledges this.”

It has been a particularly tough 12 months for those in the north of the state, with multiple serious flood events placing significant pressure on residents, businesses and farmers.

“The recovery will take months and years – so this is your opportunity to share your experiences of preparing for floods, managing the rising waters, and the challenges you will face in the short and longer term as you seek to rebuild your businesses,” Mr Grant said.

“It’s important we learn from these tough times and make sure we build back better and stronger.

“But we can’t do that without people telling their stories, so please make a submission and have your say.”

Submissions can be made at