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Keep it Safe. Leave your household clean out until another time

Current events mean that most of us are finding ourselves with much more time at home but if you feel the urge to do that long over due clean out, please think carefully before you roll up your sleeves.

Now is not the right time to be filling up the car or trailer for a trip to your local recycling centre or tip. For the safety of yourself, your family and the council staff working to deliver essential waste services, please stay clear of these facilities until the crisis situation is over.

In the meantime, find a suitable corner in the shed, garage or spare room to store your unwanted bits and pieces for responsible disposal when it’s safe to do so.

It’s also important that you don’t place unwanted items out on kerbsides or at charity shops. There is still a common belief that leaving household items on kerbsides or leaving donated items outside of op shops or by charity bins is okay, because someone else will take it or deal with it, but it’s not okay and you can be fined.

So for now, please sit tight and hang on to any unwanted items that can’t be correctly disposed of via your normal household waste, recycling or organic bin collection service, and please ‘wait to donate’ if your local charity op shop is not open to receive your donation or if charity bins are full.

Let’s work together to ‘Keep it safe’

For further information please contact council. If you see illegal dumping please report it at www.ridonline.epa.nsw.gov.au or by contacting council directly.