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Junction Hill Nursery

cvi   Well, it is that time of year again…birthday time. Junction Hill Nursery is now 40 years old, it really doesn’t seem that long ago that I decided I needed something to keep me occupied and the rest is just history. Junction Hill Nursery is now one of the largest retail nurseries in country NSW and the largest retail nursery in the Clarence Valley. We have the best selection of plants in any retail nursery and with our contacts we can normally source a plant for you (providing it is still available). Sometimes I am amazed how Junction Hill Nursery grew like topsy and took us along with it, I still love the plants and helping Clarence Valley gardeners create the gardens of their dreams. What a wonderful way to add value to your home or investment, you get to enjoy a lovely garden, knowing it will add extra dollar value to your home. Remember, gardening is also good for your health and fitness, so try it I know you will love it, especially when you see the difference it makes to your home. Last but not least, I would like to thank all our loyal and wonderful customers who have supported me over the past 40 years, please come and pay us visit to celebrate our 40 wonderful years. Cheers for now, Pattie & Team