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Pyjama Day at St Joseph’s Primary Maclean



What a great, relaxing and fun day Kindy had on our student initiated Pyjama Day. It’s amazing how wearing something different really adds some zest and excitement to our day.
We started the day with a ‘Midnight snack’ of fresh, warm pancakes with butter and jam. Morning activities were a selection of student selected tasks which included a photo shoot of each student with their bed buddy.
Middle session tasks focused on using maths based materials in open-ended ways with lots of creative thinking and constructing. We finished this session with a game of ‘Who’s under the blanket?’ and everyone was a winner.
The last session was art and we made pictures using pastels on black paper.
Throughout the day we read stories about night time and bedtimes.
The kids were highly engaged and most of all, had lots of fun with their friends and made some warm memories.
Deborah Bailey