John Stone and Eli Grundy take out the 300 yard shoot

John Stone started strongly, and then finished off one better in his second stage to count out Derek Higgins for the Daily Aggregate in the Target Rifle division [T/R], with Luke Bloomer and Andrew Geary just half a point behind them, in what turned out to be a high scoring day at the 300 yard fourth stage of the Captain’s Trophy. In F-Class, young Eli Grundy made no bones about it, when he straddled the field by an amazing four points, in what was one of the highest scoring fields for a long time. In fact there were eight shooters in F-Class who either broke or equalled their handicaps on a day that saw a welcome return to reasonable conditions after a long run of very difficult ones. Shooters revelled in the fairly steady breeze that was readable, and which kept conditions quite bearable for competitors at the firing point. There were six “possibles” scored on the day, with one each going to Andrew Geary, Dennis Hilton, Luke Bloomer and Phil Donoghue in T/R, and one each to Sue Bloomer and John Black in F-Class. The Grafton Shopping World Butchery Top Off-Rifle Trophy went, appropriately enough, to John Black in F-Class, after he just held off the strong finishes of David Grundy and Sue Bloomer with one of his own. In T/R, Andrew Geary managed a one point win, and the top centre count, with Dennis Hilton and Luke Bloomer finishing hard on his heels. Members should be aware that the Monthly Meeting scheduled for next week has been held over to a date to be notified. The shoot next week will be from the 400 yard mound for the fifth and final stage of the Captain’s Trophy commencing at 1pm. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers log mill and adjacent to the Experiment Farm. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Anthony O’Keeffe