The Kayak platform at the Ulmarra Jetty. Image: contributed

Jetty condition an embarrassment

As someone who frequents the Ulmarra and Cowper jetties on the Clarence River, I am increasingly frustrated with the state of these public facilities. When I arrived to dock at the Ulmarra jetty this morning, the extent of duck faeces and blow flies prevented me from tying up my boat without coming into contact with either. This is not only a public health issue but is embarrassing. While I was attempting to disembark and keep myself clean, a family of visitors was attempting to enter the water on paddle boards. The state of the kayak platform meant they were doing so from the jetty’s higher and more difficult side. These facilities should be kept safe and clean for locals and visitors, particularly with school holidays beginning in Qld and shortly beginning in NSW.



Kelly McRae, Nymboida