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Council will make a submission to an inquiry looking to impose a levy on councils with a dam. Pictured is the 30,000ML Shannon Creek Dam. Image: CVC

IPART inquiry into dam safety levy

Rodney Stevens


Clarence Valley Council will make a submission to a NSW Government inquiry looking to impose a levy on councils with dams calling for the idea to be scrapped, as it is another means of shifting costs onto councils.

In a Mayoral Minute at the March 26 council meeting, Mayor Peter Johnstone said a previous attempt by the NSW Government to impose a levy on councils with dams failed.

“Three and a half years ago a proposal was made to charge councils a levy for their dams,” he said.

“It varies in price, but it is a fairly substantial amount of money.

“At the time we had a council resolution, we lobbied the government, and the plan was eventually shelved.”

Cr Johnstone said recently the NSW Government has revisited the idea and has asked the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal IPART to investigate imposing a levy.

“We’re concerned because it means a cost-shifting from government, again, to councils,” he said.

“Also, because it disadvantages people in regional areas where there are more dams, as against city areas where there tends to be one very large dam.”

Cr Johnstone called on his fellow councillors for their support to make a submission to the IPART Dam Safety Levy issues paper, reiterating the issues raised in councils’ previous submission.

Councillors unanimously voted to support the Mayoral Minute.