Ham Day sponsor, Jim Kentwell (right) congratulates Bob Wissink on a big comeback from the previous week to win the ham last week. Image: Contributed

Iluka Veterans ‘Ham Day’ winners

Tuesday weeks’ event was an individual Stableford played in superb conditions on a wonderful course, presented in the best possible condition considering the long dry spell. Greenkeeper maestro, Doug Turner, and his band of Merry Volunteers certainly spoil us with such a great course to play on.

The traditional Ham Tuesday was sponsored by Jim Kentwell and Jane Bysher supplying the Christmas hams for the winners. Many thanks for your long standing support to, Jim and Jane.

The winner with 40 points was Bob Wissink (who came last the previous week) to jump up and claim the Christmas ham. Far from the raucous applause of the previous week when presented with the Mars Bar, last week Bob only received a polite mild handclap from the group of players (who all wanted a ham for themselves). Runner up and close behind on 39 points was, Neil Grady, the ‘Big Fella’ and big hitter was pleased to win a ham, but none the happier that he had to part with his $2 side bet to winner Bob.

NTP’s: 1 / 10 – Jeoffery Turner; 6 / 15 – Jack Urquhart and 8 / 17 – Jim Kentwell. The Roy Ellery 3rd Shot on 3 / 12 was Peter Boulton.

The Ball Rundown went to 9 players with 34 points or better.

The Barry Robbie Mars Bar & Porcelain Mug went to Jeoffery Turner, who was very pleased to salvage something from the day and not go home empty handed. We will find out if the prize made it all the way home or most likely devoured on the way home up the hill to Ashby.

Bob Wissink, won the raffle as well! Oh dear, the punters were not happy.

Bob Wissink

Jim Kentwell (right), with a beaming Neil Grady. The smile left Neil’s face when he had to part with his $2 side bet with the winner. Image: Contributed