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Iluka subdivision exhibition extended

cvi   Clarence Valley Council has extended the exhibition period for a 162 lot subdivision proposal at Iluka, in response to concerns expressed by some of the town’s residents. One resident, Tony Belton, writes in a letter in today’s Independent: “Surely this submission period [which was due to expire on January 22] needs to be extended by at least another 30 days so anyone interested has time to read this 400-page development application….” Mr Belton also suggested that the council should place a copy of the proposal at the Iluka library, “as it is very inconvenient for many to have to go to Grafton or Maclean to view the DA in this very busy period”. On Wednesday January 6 the council extended the exhibition period by three weeks, to February 12 – submission close at 4pm on that day –, and put the documents on display at the Iluka library. The council’s environment, planning and community director, Des Schroder, said in a media release: “We’ve had numerous calls from the community asking for the deadline to be extended and spoke with the proponent [Stevens Group], who was happy to allow that to happen so everyone has the opportunity to comment. “Having the proposal available for viewing at the library will also provide Iluka people with ready access to the documents.”   The land has been held by the Birrigan Gargle Local Aboriginal Land Council since 1994. The land council announced that the Stevens Group would develop the 19.41 hectare site in January 2012. In a statement issued at the time by the land council’s legal representative, it was stated that: “The individual sale of the lots to the public by the land council will be of great benefit to the local community and the land council sees this as an opportunity to promote employment opportunities for members and create investment and a financial stimulus to the broader community as a whole. “The members would like to thank the Elders of the community for their valued input into the development and we see this as a positive step forward to address employment, education, youth and health issues within the local community.” Mr Belton, who welcomed the council’s extension and placement of the DA at the library, said the DA can also be downloaded at: There is also a link to the dropbox site on the ‘Iluka community General Q & A information and concerns’ Facebook page. ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT The 162 lot subdivision, with lots ranging in size from “500m2 to 1,062 m2 to accommodate various housing choices and requirements”, will incorporate three parks to “enable the retention of existing established vegetation and items of indigenous heritage,” the development application (DA) states. One hundred and twenty-three of the blocks will 700m2 or larger. The parks, which will be 17,647m2, 10,000m2 and 756m2, “will form biodiversity corridors” and facilitate the “retention of areas of significant vegetation for the incorporation of fauna corridors … that provide connectivity. “In addition, Planning for Bushfire has been addressed in consultation with an ecologist and the proposed landscape treatment of the site reflects ecological recommendations. “…The subdivision layout has been designed to exceed the minimum Asset Protection Zone requirements. “…Proposed Park 3 (756m2) will ensure the preservation of an existing item of indigenous heritage.” The economic impact section within the DA states: “The proposed subdivision will generate a significant number of jobs during the construction phase. “In this regard local contractors will be used for the construction.” The site was previously cleared in the late 1970s. While Clarence Valley Council (CVC) is the consent authority, the Northern Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) will determine the outcome of the application. Public submissions made to CVC will be provided to the JRPP and will available for public viewing. Submissions should be addressed to the General Manager, Clarence Valley Council. They can be emailed to, dropped into council offices in Grafton or Maclean or posted to PO Box 23, Grafton, 2460. They should be marked SUB2015/0034. Submissions close 4pm February 12.