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Gulmarrad Public School

cvi   Looking to the Future As a NSW Government school,Gulmarrad Public School is part of a system that promotes integrity and excellence. Since 1891 the school has proudly stood for equality and the acceptance of diversity -to enable its students, teachers and community to connect, to succeed and to thrive. Gulmarrad Public School aims to equip all students with the ability to function as independent thinkers with a commitment to learning. While we all know and value the importance of quality education it is also essential to recognise the greater role that being part of a school community involves and who better to ask why their school is special to them than those that matter the most. Working together in the Library Zac and Kele were happy to talk about their experiences at Gulmarrad. Their “things we like about Gulmarrad School” list was extensive having both been here since Kindergarten – really good books, lots of equipment to play with, up-to-date computers and iPads made the list easily but it’s more than that which makes school a positive experience for Zac and Kele. Having teachers and SLSO’s who care, a good Principal and the introduction of the “Friendly Five” to create a safe, friendly and respectful atmosphere also made the list. Relocating from a smaller school to the larger Gulmarrad Public could have been a daunting experience for new student Laiza, but Erin and Claudia made her feel welcome on her very first day and the three have become firm friends. With so many more things on offer like choir, P.E, technology and performances as well as guitar and drum lessons she has found it easy to get involved and become part of the Gulmarrad School family. Here at Gulmarrad we focus on student well-being ensuring our school is a positive and supportive environment where we nurture the individual talents of our students. Enrolments are now being taken for 2016. Please contact the school on 6645 2587 to arrange an interview with our Principal, Robyn Urquhart.