Great news marred by petty theft in Iluka

Ed, The last couple of days have been celebrated by many as Metgasco is set to depart and we can all live with knowledge that this fantastic area will be free of the dangerous CSG industry. Unfortunately this great news has been somewhat dented in Iluka by the pathetic theft of Iluka’s CSG free deceleration sign that was only up for 3 days before being stolen around Sunday evening or early monday morning. The sign was a symbol of the culmination of some very hard work (over nearly 2 years) done largely by 2 extraordinary Iluka women -“the 2 Annie’s” . They organised community meetings, spent hundreds of hours doing door knocking to complete the survey and had the sign printed from the donations of Iluka residents. I know they were very upset when they heard the sign was gone- A thoughtless, stupid act that has marred an otherwise great campaign and a great outcome. Thanks to all the Iluka residents who contributed to the overwhelming “no” to CSG in our beautiful part of the world. Tony Belton, Iluka