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Community garden proposed for Townsend

Geoff Helisma Councillors have unanimously backed Cr Craig Howe’s proposal to “investigate the viability of a community garden for Maclean on the land around the men’s shed at Townsend”. Clarence Valley Council will “liaise with interested people” to form a working group to advance and maintain the project. Councillor Howe’s notice of motion to the October council meeting says: “Community gardens are a way for members of the community to become involved with each other for a common cause. “They provide valuable social interaction as well as fresh healthy food.” Councillor Howe said that the garden’s proximity to the men’s shed could potentially provide projects for those who attend the shed and that they “may also become involved in tending the garden”. Council staff’s report to council states that, because the “intended future use of the land is sportsground; development on this land would need to be temporary in nature, permitting the future development of the site for its intended purpose. “…Should a community garden be developed on this site the preferred location would be adjacent to the men’s shed to the west or south, to take advantage of existing services (power, water, toilets). “Successful community gardens develop through community drive and participation; council’s involvement should be limited to the implementation of policy. “It is suggested that the community consider working with Yamba community garden to gain insight into the successful development and management of a community garden, build community support and complete the application documents contained in the [community garden] policy.”