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Grafton Services Swim Club

Former member and past President of the GDSC Swimming Club, John Kelleher, was in town last week and caught up with several past associates. Although now living in Queensland, John has maintained an interest in the club and likes to be kept informed as to how things are progressing. After a two week layoff, those who made it to the swim on Tuesday evening were classed as either fit or misfit, and the times recorded in the heats certainly distinguished between the two. Doug Ensbey, David Moon, Steve Donnelly and Damien O’Mahony fought their way through the 50m freestyle final, with Moony and Marno putting it to the opposition. Both busted their times, which gave Steve the win and Doug second place, even though their times were a tad slow. Contestants who made it to the final of the 30m freestyle final were also vying for the Stephen Donnelly Explosive Cup. Jill Enks looked lonely, being the only female contestant, standing beside Terry Barnes, Damien O’Mahony and Steve Donnelly. Jill looked a chance in this event as she was well in front with ten metres to go. However, Barnesy, in lane two, had other ideas and turned on the speed to cross the line in first position. Steve and Marno, observing Barnesy’s increase in pace, followed suite, and claimed second and third placing. The final of the 30m B B & B had no new contestants, because once again, Terry Barnes, David Moon, Steve Donnelly and Damien O’Mahony qualified for the event. Moony, being just slightly fresher than the others, won this race comfortably. Barnesy, not far away took second place and a very weary Marno scraped in to third place. It was a great effort by both Donnelly and O’Mahony, three finals each with Steve earning a 1st, 2nd and 4th, and Damien earning 3rd placing twice and one disqualification. Toni Ensbey