Grafton Services Swim Club

Christmas parties played havoc with attendances this week. Despite this interference, enough members rocked up to enable a four heat competition to be held. The standard programme commenced with the 50m freestyle final and an all male contingent lined up at the blocks. Strutting their stuff were Wilson Burns, David Moon, Tyler Durrington and Richard Sear. Wilson was first away on handicap and maintained the lead for the whole 50m. His time, only .01 off the nominated, was too good for anyone to better. The two back-markers, Durrington and Moon, filled second and third places, with Durrington only failing to take the win by .01. It was great to see Jill Enks representing the ladies in the final of the 30m freestyle, but a little disconcerting, when she mounted the blocks, still wearing her club jacket. After disposing of this excess gear, Jill was first in the water on handicap and was chased by the evergreen Bill Goddard. He was followed into the water by Terry Barnes and Damien O’Mahony. Bill put in a herculean effort into this race and crossed the line first, only to hear that he had busted by .60. Jill, only .08 off her nominated time was overjoyed when awarded the win. Barnesy, only .10 off his time was second and Marno, .26 off his time, was third. The final event for the evening was the 30m B B & B. Terry Barnes and Damien O’Mahony were once again on the blocks along with Debbie Smith and Terry Marsh. Marno, determined to get a win under his belt, but the back marker on handicap, really churned up the water in an effort to catch the opposition. Determination paid off, and swimming only .05 off his time, took the win from Marshy and Debbie. Toni Ensbey