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Grafton Services Swim Club

“We must have rocks in our heads” was a comment made by many members last week. Cool weather and drizzling rain didn’t exactly set a great scene for a pleasant night’s competition, but despite this, there weren’t too many complaints. The 50m freestyle was the first final for the night and those making the final were wishing that it would get underway quickly, as the rain was colder than the actual water. Toni Ensbey was the first contestant to take to the water and after quite an interval; Steve Donnelly, Damien O’Mahony and David Moon took chase. Out of this foursome, it was Damien who made it home first, followed very closely by Steve. David, not liking the cool conditions, took third place, and Toni, just happy to make the distance, came fourth. Steve, Damien and David went back to the starting blocks immediately after the 50m final to contest the final of the 30m. Also joining them was Tyler Durrington, who started an odds on favourite. Those lucky to get a good price on Tyler were not disappointed, as his good form continued and he won the race comfortably. His three opponents, all swimming just slow of their nominated times, came home in the following order – Steve and David tied for second and Damien came third. Jenny Vickery, David Moon, Terry Marsh and Tyler Durrington contested the 30m B B & B final. Tyler was a hot tip to take out the daily double by those who had been following his form. Sure enough, this young stayer again took the win from Marshy and Moony. Jenny, not far away, leisurely crossed the line in fourth place. This weekend, Bellingen Diggers will be travelling to Grafton for the annual challenge. Although this event is only in its second year, each club is very keen to win the shield and prestige that goes with it. Toni Ensbey