Grafton Services Swim Club

The T & S Classic Trophies award is presented each month to the swimmer who has accumulated the highest point score for the period. The award for June went to Damien O’Mahony on 50 points, Richard Sear was second with 48, taking third place was Toni Ensbey on 45 and fourth was Max Kroehnert on 41. Kieran Lynch joined members for a swim but had to leave early so we hope to see him back in following weeks. Ian Davis, Bob Owen, Terry Marsh and Richard Sear were the qualifiers for the final of the Stephen Donnelly Explosive Cup. Over the 25m distance only .45 separated the first place getter from the last and it was Searsy who came out the victor, touching out Bob by .05. Ian was next home just .02 behind Bob and Marshy another .38 behind was the tail ender. Captain Damien had a little bit of fun with the programme once the cup had been run. The next event was a doozey – swimmers had to complete the 50m course doing anything but freestyle, then turn and swim another 25m doing freestyle. It was pure luck if you reached the final but those who managed to come reasonably close to their times were Tyler and Bruce Durrington, Toni Ensbey and Damien O’Mahony. Toni, wishing she had not made the final, was the first away on a very generous handicap, followed almost a minute later by the remaining three. All four finalists at the finish swam well beyond their nominated times but Tyler was the closest, being only four seconds slow. Next to touch was Bruce – five seconds slow and touching out Damien by .06. Toni, just glad to have made the distance, was another five seconds away. The last event for the night involved another change from the usual. In the 25m B B & B all contestants had to swim anything but their usual stroke and this really brought out odd and way out styles. Doug made a really poor attempt at butterfly (but 100% for effort) and Tyler’s effort at backstroke looked more like a whale breaching. Jokes aside, it was Max Kroehnert, Steve Donnelly, Andrew Madden and Bruce Durrington who made the final, but once again times were all over the place. Andrew covered the distance six seconds too fast and Bruce busted by three seconds leaving the win to be claimed by no other than Max, who with a raised arm cried out “go you good thing”. Steve claimed second place swimming close to nominated time. The usual monthly barbeque was held after the swim and even though conditions were a little chilly, camaraderie was great. Marshy and Durro took over the barbeque and our thanks go to them and also the other members who helped with the clean up. Toni Ensbey