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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

With nobody winning all their games on Thursday week, honours were shared.
Equal, with three wins and one loss were Yvonne Gillet, Terry Wilson, Gillian Martin and a visitor from Melbourne, Matt Danaher. Joy Campbell had a flash of brilliance, a 25 metre hoop, the whole distance from 1 to 2. Pat McLennan hit a long, long in off for a spectacular hoop. Ken Davison had a mediocre day but was determined to get mentioned with a 20 metre hoop. He also had one of the worst clearance shots of the day, missing an opponent’s ball from two feet. Yvonne Clarke improved as the morning went on, as did Sheila Foley and Frank Mack. Phyl Harrison and Robyn Walters were the most wildly inconsistent with big wins, but also huge losses.
Play took place all day on polling day. The Young family and the Gaucis came to play. Eleven year old Amy had the best shot of the day, an angled 7 metre hoop. Her twin, Molly, hit some good hoops, while parents Colin and Kate were largely outclassed by the aggressive approaches of James and Caitlin. Great morning for all. There were 14 players in the afternoon. Peter Martin, John Buckley and Terry Wilson all achieved jump shots. Kay Munro ran an angled 12 metre hoop. Yvonne Clarke had her best hoop to date, 7 metres angled, in partnering Peter Martin to a win in the week’s bragging rights match: over the powerhouse of Terry Wilson and Nola Horrcks. Robyn Walters was on song with three straight wins. Phyl Harrison had one of those days from which you can only improve. John Buckley was subdued and peace reigned. Young Kiara Berger had two wins, one more than her grandmother Jane. Yvonne Gillet, Nea Buckley, Rod Munro and Frank Mack all had good days, but none set the world on fire.
Glorious Sunday weather: used our new sun shades mid-winter! Learners Gillian Martin and Helen Forrest fought out tactics and strategy in an entertaining game. Kay and Rod Munro drew 10-10. Peter Martin, training for an upcoming tournament, had several four and five hoop turns, and some truly ugly shots in beating Jim Algie 26-13.
On July 4, 18 members doodled round the lawns. John Buckley exercised his speciality, he had two successful jump shots, Peter Martin had one; there were many failures. Marilyn Wilson engineered the great escape of the day. She was losing 6-3 and the game virtually over when she hit a 10 metre in off via a ball that was a metre from the hoop, and with her partner went on to win 7-6. Royce Wilson, in the last game of the day finished off with a 20 metre hoop. Robyn Walters was the only winner of all her matches. For some unknown reason play was brisk, and to a high standard. 196 hoops were run, a new record for half a day.
Entries are being accepted for the 2016 Coutts Crossing Golf Croquet Championship. Register with Ken Davison or at the club.